Part 4- Samana vata

One of the important functions of a living being is to ingest food, digest and assimilate to maintain the life and also the mass of the body. This particular subdivision of vata participates in some of these precesses.
Location of samana vata-
All authorities have stated that the samanavata is located near the seat of agni. Charaka stated that it is also located in the channels of sweda, dosha and ambu. Here the word agni is understood as antaragni or pachakagni – Pachakapitta, one of the five subdivision of pitta, which is capable of digesting all varieties of food ingested. The pachakapitta is located in both amasaya and pakvasaya.
Susruta stated that the samanavata courses in both amasaya and pakvasaya. In Ashtangasangraha, Vagbhata stated that it moves in the channels carring doshas,

malas, sukra, artava, and water also. According to Asthangahradaya, the region of movement of samana vata was limitied to kostha.
Function of samanavata-
The main function of samana vata is the stimulation of the agni- pachakpitta. The samana stimulates the antaragni to digest the food eaten in proper dose and at proper time, which leads to an increase in life span and after the digestion is completed, helps in the separation of the nutrients from the residue. According to vagbhata the samana receives the food, retains it till digestion is completed, separates the sara from kitta and finally propels the kitta to the later part of the annavaha srotas or rather out of the annavaha srotas into the purishavaha srotas.

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