Location:- Sushruta has told this pitta as ranjakagni. He has indicated its lacation in the Yakrit or liver and pliha or spleen. On the other hand, vagabhatta has identified its location in the amasaya or stomach. (Sushruta:Sutra:21/10)
According to the ancient Ayurveda view, rasadhatu is stated to contribute to the formation of rakta or blood with the help of ranjaka pitta.

Functions of Ranjakapitta:-

The only function of this ranjaka pitta is to impart red colour to the rasa to form rakta (Sushruta:Sutra:21/10).The ranajaka pitta has an essential part to be played in the formation of the raktadhatu from the rasa. According to kedarakulyanyaya of dhatuparinama, the nutrients specific to raktadhatu are transported to the liver and spleen and synthesized by the raktagni to form the raktadhatu. Therefore it is clear that two pittas are responsible for the formation of raktadhatu i.e. raktagni and ranjakapitta. The ranjakapitta is responsible for the colour of the raktadhatu and the function of the raktagni is to form or synthesize the cellular structure i.e raktamsa.

Sushruta has the first authority to associate some principle present in the liver and spleen to the formation of blood. Vagbhata’s reference to the amasaya as the seat of ranjakapitta also indicates that there is a hemopoietic preinciple either present or secreated into the stomach. It may be also presumed that the ranjakapitta or the group of substances which are Agneya in nature and are capable of imparting colour to the colourless rasadhatu, is stored in the liver and spleen. (Charaka:Vimana:5/8).
The production of the raktadhatu is carried out in two stages i.e.-

  1. the development of the cellular component of the dhatu from the nutrients present in the Ahararasa-cum-rasadhatu by the raktagni
  2. the raktamsa which is mainly connected with the jeevankriya, by the action of the ranjakapitta into that cellular component.

In Ayurveda the generation of the cellular component of the rakta dhatu has not been clearly mentioned.

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